Monday, August 24, 2009

Knitted Scarves

I'm not much of a knitter as I much prefer to crochet. Still, I found a super easy pattern and some "you can't tell I made a mistake" yarn in an effort to at least say, "I tried." They're awfully fun, especially for younger girls and tweens wanting a bit of flare (though I do have to say I love the red and blue ribbon-esque scarves in the last picture and will wear those myself!).

Doesn't this just SCREAM little girl dress up!?!?! I love these for my daughter and her friends. They seem to be perfect to keep in style while stilly being a little girl (I'm in such denial about her age).
This yarn is fun. It's not as feathery as the others and you can even see the knitted weave (except in this picture, which I admit is NOT my best). Yet it is so incredibly soft!!!

Who doesn't love STRIPES, seriously!!! Like the picture before, these aren't as feathery, but still on the flirty fun side!
And, of course, my two favorites. These are done with frayed ribbon yarn. SO pretty and fun.

There you go! The only knitted items in my house :)


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Cynthia said...

I just love these Laurie! My Mom taught me to knit this year and I haven't made a thing yet. I wanted to make scarves just like yours though since they are suppose to be easy. You made so many! How long did they take?

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Do you have a Kelly green scarf (Christmas Green) and if so how much??