Friday, May 22, 2009

First Roses of Spring

It's Springtime, and in case you haven't figured it out before, I'm deeply in love with every brightly colored flower out there! Among my favorites are - as I've mentioned tons before - ROSES!!! I adore them. I have several planted in my yard, but hope to one day have even more.
I thought this morning I'd share with you the first few blooms to come out of my roses, followed by one that's not a rose, but still very pretty. I wanted to capture the last one before they all disappeared. These are only three of my roses, but you can hopefully see why they make me so very happy.
This was originally supposed to be a black rose, but I still love how rosy red it is. Out of all my rosebuses it always grows the biggest (which can make getting out of the car a little prickly, but we live with it!).

I received this one for mother's day a few years ago, and stands as my favorite. No matter how many pictures I take of these incredibly colorful blossoms, they never look as good as the real thing. From the time they first bloom until the last petal falls, the colors on this rose constantly change.

This is one of the first rosebushes I planted in our yard. Known as the Monet Rose, the blossoms are rarely big, but the soft color more than makes up for what it lacks in size.

This is my Bleeding Heart, one of the first things to bring color to my yard in the Spring. The pink is a little faded, but still such a beautiful sight to behold.