Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crocheted Baby Blanket: Ivory and Tan

I started this blanket a few months ago It's been sitting on my file cabinet for far too long waiting to be finished. Knowing karate will be over soon (promise this will make sense) I took the crochet hook firmly in hand and told myself to get it done!

The only thing needing to be finished was the border and I was running out of both colors of yarn pretty fast. So I came up with a really simple pattern of chains that turned out surprisingly feminine.
This is the first time I've used these two colors together and I LOVE IT!!! They're so soft and soothing, as is the texture of the yarn itself (Caron Simply Soft, my favorite).

Here's a closer look at the border. I did one set of [chain 3, slip stitch] with the ivory, went behind it with the tan color [chain 5, slip stitch] between the ivory, and followed up top with one more row of the ivory doing a pattern to hook all the chains together.

Monday, August 30, 2010


One of my all-time favorite places to go and take pictures is Silver Lake up by Brighton. While there I found this fisherman just enjoying the peaceful day and absolutely had to take a pic.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dandelion Fluff

This probably seems like a weird thing to take a picture of, but the sight of this dandelion caught my eye and I couldn't refuse the chance to pick up my camera. It is even the current picture on my computer's wallpaper, where the light bring out details I hadn't even seen on the camera itself. I honestly believe this goes to show there is beauty in everything - even "weeds" :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise Pictures

I've been SUCH a slacker at this blog lately...forgive me??? I hope you will 'cause I have two surprise pictures to show you. I refer to them as a surprise because I had no idea my daughter had taken them.

Every once in a while M enjoys picking up the camera and taking various pictures of things like...her nose. As I downloaded new pics to the computer this time around two caught my attention, mostly because I had no memory of taking them. Each made me take a second look, however, something I deem to be a sign of a good picture.

This first one is of the new wind chime hanging out on the front porch. I think the sky and clouds as a background bring a depth to the picture one might not otherwise get.

This second one currently sits as the background picture on our computer. I think it's just plain beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures :) Hopefully it won't take so long to post something new!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Crocheted Baby Blanket, Brown and Yellow

Was your initial thought on seeing the words "brown and yellow" along the lines of a very uncertain, "Okaaaaay." Sometimes I look at two bunches of yarn and while holding them side by side think, "That'll be so pretty!" only to later think, "Um, no."

So when I started this project I thought to myself, "I sure hope this turns out pretty." Know what? I think it did. I finished it just last night for my brand new niece who is supposedly on her way to being born right now!♥♥♥ I think she may have been waiting for me to finish her "Kiki" as her siblings have nicknamed these blankets.

I really had no idea what sort of border I would put on this one, and undid the stitches many a time before I found something I really found very pleasing to my eye. They sort of remind me of flowers or half-suns.

In any case, I'm SO hoping little Maddie will be so excited to tangle her fingers and toes in this blankie ♥