Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crochet Bookmarks and Blanket

Hey all! It's been a while since I last posted on my creativity blog, and yet I've been so creative lately :D I thought I'd show you a little of what I've been working on. Some of you may remember the baby blanket I made for my brand new niece a few months ago. Well my mother asked if I could make one for someone who's also having a baby. Here's how it turned out.
Hmm. The pictures are a little dark. Sorry about that.
I had fun playing with the border on this one, and think it turned out WAY cute :)
My other project lately has been bookmarks. That's right BOOKMARKS! I roamed through the internet looking for free bookmark ideas, and there were two that popped out at me. Here's the first - I love the loops in them.

Pretty, don't you think? Here's the other one:

To finish these off I'll thread a ribbon through the middle. I'm excited with how delicate and feminine they're looking.

So there you go! My newest projects. Hope you enjoyed them ♥


Cynthia said...

I enjoyed them! I'm sure they are very soft. So darling. Hey, can I have a book mark? I'll cuddle it as though it's mini blanket.

Team Jensen said...

oh how talented you are! I LOVE that blanket! So, say, when I have #3 baby will you make me one, too? I LOVE those for babies...something so special.