Monday, September 28, 2009

Bookmarks and Buttons

I have been crafting like CRAZY the last few weeks in anticipation of a few boutiques I'm so lucky to have been invited to join. I keep thinking - you need to post pictures!!!! But obviously that hasn't happened yet, lol. So today I want to show you a little sampling of at least two of my latest creations.

I've posted before about these ribbon bookmarks. Lately I've found some pretty new ribbons and fun buttons to put on the ends. What I've got here is just a small inkling of what's stashed away in my "Finished Bin." This first picture is simply a reminder of how these ribbon bookmarks work.

You have no idea how much I love how they wrap around the pages of the book. It's saved many a visit by a curious child.
My friend Debbie bought a couple for her girls, and has named them Book Belts. I so LOVE that name!!!

Not the clearest pictures, I know, but it gives you a good idea of what I'm offering. If you see anything you like, these bookmarks are selling for $4.50 a piece. For those of you who live close by, you're more than welcome to come look at everything in person.
With all the buttons and things I couldn't seem to find a ribbon that matched, well I had the idea to simply stick them to a magnet...and voila! Button Magnets!!!

I haven't put a price on these yet (we'll have to see if they even sell). But think they'll make any fridge or magnetic board a little happier!


Greg and Talena said...

These are so cute! I think I want to buy some for Christmas presents. My mother in law does the button magnets she has also glued dice, checker pieces, and so many more items that I can not think of right now. They are so cute. They would also make good Christmas gifts

LaurieW said...

Thanks Talena! I've had so much fun making them. Sound like your mom-in-law has loads of fun making those magnets, lol.