Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise Pictures

I've been SUCH a slacker at this blog lately...forgive me??? I hope you will 'cause I have two surprise pictures to show you. I refer to them as a surprise because I had no idea my daughter had taken them.

Every once in a while M enjoys picking up the camera and taking various pictures of things like...her nose. As I downloaded new pics to the computer this time around two caught my attention, mostly because I had no memory of taking them. Each made me take a second look, however, something I deem to be a sign of a good picture.

This first one is of the new wind chime hanging out on the front porch. I think the sky and clouds as a background bring a depth to the picture one might not otherwise get.

This second one currently sits as the background picture on our computer. I think it's just plain beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures :) Hopefully it won't take so long to post something new!