Friday, June 5, 2009

How About a Few More Pictures

Are you thinking, "Hmm," with the first picture? :) I wouldn't blame you. I fell in love with it, though. It's the inside of one of my roses. Isn't the color fantastic?
Here's another one of my "favorite" roses while in full bloom.

I love LOVE LOVE my lilies, even if the color never looks as good in pictures as they do in person.

I caught a picture of this little guy on one of my rosebushes this morning.

A cluster of the Monet roses. Just beautiful!

I absolutely love the color of this rose!

What a way to end this presentation, right?


Greg and Talena said...

These are beautiful! You are an amazing photographer and gardener. (sploin)

Cynthia said...

Do you want to be my rose gardener? I need to plant some. Your pics are just beautiful, thanks for sharing.