Monday, March 9, 2009


My friend Cynthia and I were e-mailing bookmark ideas a few weeks ago, and I got so excited I had to see if some of those ideas would actually work. I think one or two might be too hard to pull tight without hurting the book (even if they did turn out pretty), but the others would be fun to continue to explore. What I love about these bookmarks is they wrap around the pages, making them much harder to accidentally pull off or lose. In any case, I hope you enjoy!

I really love these ribbon ideas. In fact, I use the pink with white polka dots in most of my books now.

Here I tried doing some with colored cord and beads. These could use some work, but still turned out really cute!

I loved using this satiny ribbon with just a simple button glued to the end to keep the ribbon from slipping out of the o-rings. This type of ribbon makes it easier to slide to the measurement of the books as well.

You can pick up the o-rings at any Michaels store, though you might have to hunt a little to find them. I found mine in the sewing section, close to buckles and hinges for purses. While the plactic o-rings are cheaper, I find the metal ones work better. Now I just have to find enough books for all my bookmarks! Shouldn't be too hard :)


missy lou said...

Very Sweet- what a great idea!

Cynthia said...

LOVE it! You go girl! You really got into it. I finally put myself to work the other day and came up with an idea, and took a pic thinking of you, but the likelihood of me getting it off the camera and onto an email is not so likely...but now I need to because you just got me excited again! The idea I came up with, I'm hoping I can sell at the boutique. By the way, I just love the cord/bead one - I want one!
P.S.The one I had coveted in the past, just so you know, I'm over it now :)